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Once upon a time there were three rivers that were born in Spain. They were called Douro, Tagus and Guadiana. One day they contemplated the clouds and asked where they came from.

“From the sea,” they replied. – They are our father and grandfather.

– Where’s the sea? the rivers asked.

“Far away, in Portugal,” replied the clouds.

– It’s big?

– Yes, it’s too big.

– We have to go see the sea.

And they agreed that the next day they would go all to see the sea. And so they did.

The Guadiana woke up first and went there calmly, contemplating the hills and beauties that were hiding and choosing the paths it crossed; when it arrived in Vila Real de Santo António it stopped in amazement. The second was the Tagus. When it woke up, the sun was high. It began to walk fast, barely choosing a path, but when it entered in Portugal, it thought that it must be in the lead and remembered to enjoy the meadows and hills, stretching out on the flat banks, before launching into the arms of its grand-father. The Douro, when it woke up and found himself alone, did not even rub its eyes. It ran away between gorges and precipices, not choosing a path, nor thinking of enjoying nature.

So it was the Douro who, dirty and muddy, arrived first.

I decided to start our blog in this way: with a story that the children learn to explain why the three main rivers of Portugal have such different geographical characteristics.

Portugal is a country with a thousand different faces, with many souls, where there is always a surprise waiting for us. And this is the country I want to tell, a country that I love and where I found my home. And maybe one day, while traveling together, I will explain to you why Portugal has such a special place in my heart.