Um dia de cada vez – Day by day

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Azulejos facade on historic building in Lisbon, Portugal

How many times, strolling through the small streets of Lisbon, you meet a look, a smile, from  someone you meet every day, but who deep down you don’t know.

And maybe you’ve asked yourself many times what history these people, who are unknowingly part of your daily life, keep.

That’s why our project #Um dia de cada vez was born: we’re going to talk about Lisbon, but without focusing on the city. We will do it by talking about the people.

Are you ready to find out who is hiding behind the people that you meet around the corner, sitting in a cafe or looking out the window? 

We are Alex and Rossana, two Italians adopted by Portugal and in love with this country, which we have chosen as our new land. And from today, what we will try to tell you through stories and images, will be the people we have met and we’re meeting, people that day by day, Um dia de cada vez, became part of our lives.

Um dia de cada vez, is a typical Portuguese expression that means “Day by day” and also hides an idea of ​​hope, of patience.

And this is the meaning of our project: open the doors of these people, look out the window with them, sit with them in a cafe… and tell their story. The story of the people who, day by day, are part of our life. Ordinary people, artists, musicians, vendors…

Um dia de cada vez, we will get to know them and, when we meet their gaze, we will know the story that they hide behind their eyes.

Start this journey with us, come and meet the people of Lisbon, through Rossana’s words and Alex’s images.

And on this journey we will not be alone: ​​if you also have someone who, Um dia de cada vez, has become part of your daily life and you want to know more about him, let us know.

We will immediately start discovering his story. 


Alex Paganelli is an Advertising Creative and self-taught photographer.

He studied Sociology and Communication at the University of Urbino and began his career working as a graphic designer in Rome, the city where he was born.

In 2008 he moved to Lisbon for love and soon fell in love with the light and streets of the Portuguese capital.

He currently works as a Creative in an advertising agency and develops personal photography projects.

His work has appeared in national and international online publications, including Expresso (Portugal), Viajes National Geographic (Spain), Marie Claire (Spain), Forbes (Czech Republic), Harper’s Bazaar Arabia (Dubai), CNN Greece and Remix Magazine (New Zealand).

Rossana Crisci, 100% Neapolitan, is an archaeologist and studied History of Art and Museology at the École du Louvre in Paris. Author of two books, after many years spent in Vienna, where she worked as a guide in the Hofburg-imperial apartments, she arrived in Lisbon and it was love at first sight. Every hidden corner of this city, the labyrinthine streets of the city center, the sound of Fado in the hidden alleys, the smell of sardines grilled in the summer, all this captivated her heart. And she did not go away.

Today, her job is to make others fall in love with this country, guiding them through the most representative streets and in the most hidden corners of the city and doing what she loves most: telling stories.


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